About us

Home is where the heart is...


A girl from the city and a guy from the countryside. As travelers we found each other in 2011.

After years of enjoyable holidays, it is now time for the real work; a worldtrip!

Armed with camera and hikingshoes in a backpack of 9 kilo we visit all the places we have dreamed of for so long. The various cultural, culinary experiences, nature and meeting different people during our holiday made us hungry for more. Our dream to travel the world for at least one and a half year has now become reality. More nature and the freedom to decide where you are going and how long you’ll stay without any time pressure. Oh yeah, we love it!

We fell in love in 2011. We’ve known each other much longer than that, because we were colleagues. After a successful project (you know, we had to work real close to each other) we got to know each other better and had a click. We share a lot of passions, hike till you drop and enjoying good food. Preparing that great meal only works in the company of a fine wine and some music. Our greatest passion is traveling. We can’t help it, it’s in our blood… it is in our DNA!

Now our biggest dream finally came true, we are traveling the world. Instead of a trip around the world in our twenties, we do it in our forties and we expect to enjoy it 20 times more. We must be, we’ve been preparing for 20 years…

Our journey will take about two years and we plan to visit every continent. We don’t have the illusion that we can visit every country on our list and we are not traveling to tick off destinations. We really want to enjoy every single place we visit and feel the freedom that comes with that.

Eventhough we don’t want to be stuck in a plan, we would rather travel with the seasons than against them, no cyclone seasons or heatwaves summers for us. We’ll try to stick to the in-between seasons.

Of course we won’t leave you guys empty handed, we are keeping a diary of our adventures and you are welcome to read it. Just click on the land-pages in our menu for more information. On each page you are more than welcome to leave us a comment. Actually we love to read your thoughts.

Hope to hear from you soon!