May 2018

As a part of our holiday to Indonesia we also spend some time on the beautiful island of Lombok.

From Gili Air we take the boat to Lombok. Together with two Chileans it’s and easy ride. A short but great meet with two strangers.

On arrival we walk a bit off the port area where the taxis seem to be cheaper. So we walk along the road towards the village. Suddenly a pickup truck stops honking with that in the back of the two Chileans!

About a kilometer away they drop us off and we take a taxi to Sengiggi where we have booked a hotel for three nights.


We drop our luggage and quickly get into town for a bite to eat. In a nice hostel we eat the most delicious vegetarian curry ever. I just visit the toilet and yes, also it meets expectations: behind a broken door without a lock, there is a dirty pot, no toilet paper and a bucket to flush.

In our hotel there are many Koreans. They are very noisy and occupy the entire pool. We decide not to stay in the hotel too much and try to find some activities for the coming days. In this town Perama Tours has an office, we book a day tour to see a bit more of the island. So far we haven’t heard much Dutch, but the tour we make with three other Dutchies.

It’s a great day, we visit a small town and beautiful rice terraces. We are invited by the tour guide to see his cute little house in the middle of the woods. He gives us a tour and introduces us to his 89 granny who immediately puts her hand over her mouth. She chews betelnut and her mouth is all red. She is ashamed of her addiction, but once she sees we don’t mind she smiles widely.

The young tour guide has goats, chickens and of course beautiful roosters. He also tries to build its own coffee plantation, but it doesn’t really grow yet. We walk further and when we arrive at yet another beautiful waterfall, the young guide also meets his mother and sister, who both work at the waterfall in a small food stall. Family business…

Just outside Sengiggi is a super laid back bar on the beach. We take a taxi to La Chill Bar and enjoy the sunset and a delicious freshly made pizza! A praying mantis attracts our attention. He tries to catch a crab, crabbie wins.

We spent a lot of time in La Chill Bar in the next day’s and there is live music every night.

The pronunciation of the English songs are hilarious and tonight we entertain ourselves with tears in his eyes. Wahaha Indonesia rules!!

A fantastic last night on Lombok before we leave for Kalimantan!