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A ticket to paradise, that is all we want! We are in serious need of some exotic beaches with a hint of club tropicana. Drinking from a fresh coconut under a palmtree, preferably while lying in a hammock watching a very very blue sea kissing a very very white beach.

So… lets fly to the Philippines!


One of the easiest ways to jump on an airplane and land in the middle of paradise is the island of Cebu. With its international airport it’s easy to reach and immediately you’ll be in a totally different world. Cebu Island is part of the Visayas and has 168 islands in its province. We’ve visited Cebu city in 2016 only as a short stop towards Palawan, but now we’ve finally been able to see a bit more of this fantastic island.


We are truly amazed by the pristine beauty of this island. So many undiscovered places and untouched paradise, friendly locals and great food. On top of everything else, not many tourists! An absolute gem with its blue lagoons and lush green forests… looking for that spectacular white beach, hammock and palmtree location to finally read that book and casually do some snorkeling in between meals? Palawan is your spot!


More to come!


The incredible beauty of this island is hidden in between the popular spots. The Chocolate Hills, Loboc and Alona beach are nice but the best is where you least expect it. Winding mountain roads with views over bright green rice fields, through cute villages with colorful gardens. An island with beaches so white you cannot possibly survive without your sunglasses. The perfect ingredients for paradise… 


More to come!


Ever since we’ve been in Palawan we wanted to go to Coron to see more of the magnificent paradisal islands in this area. Coron, actually called Busuanga, has so much to offer we just couldn’t possibly see everything in this jet lagged week. Here is a nice starter to make you eager for more!


More to come!

Gimme more!

The Philippines are generally known for their ruthless hurricane season. Rainy days, seas too rough to sail and unpleasant cyclones blowing away your lovely holiday. The wet season, also known as cyclone or hurricane season is from the end of may until the end of december, of which the months around our summer holidays are the worst. This doesn’t mean the Philippines are off limit during this period, you’ll just have to be a bit more flexible on your planning.

We choose to visit the Philippines in its best season. Mild temperatures and a light breeze, perfect! From the end of december, when the rainy season is closing to mid-march the climate is at its best. Temperatures between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius and almost no rain. This is no guarantee of course, the weather around Philippines tends to act rather spontaneous… 😉

Traveling around in the Philippines is relatively cheap and very easy to do, but it’s time consuming too, a soon as you want to get to another island you’ll see that the weather plays a part in this too.

On land there are many options to get from A to B. A tricycle for the shorter distances, a public bus or a shared van for the longer parts. Renting a scooter or a motorcycle for one or more days is very easy in the Philippines but ask patience and some experience. Although the roads are being improved the biggest trap is to think there is no danger. You’ll find out soon enough when you see the people with bandages who have learned the hard way…

As you’ll be relying on the weather, you’ll be hoping the sea is not too rough for the ferry to go and the wind not being too firm for plane to fly. Other than that you’ll be alright 🙂

Currency: 10 Philippine Pesos = € 0.18 (2020)

More coming soon!

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