Phew this was some continent! The one with the fewest countries where we stayed the longest… seven months of which five in Australia. Our route here didn’t go exactly as planned but we’ve enjoyed every single country to the fullest. Unfortunately due to seasonal issues we had to skip a road trip through New Zealand for now, but we’ll be back. After three short city trips we are excited to see more of this natural beauty.

Our time in Australia and the islands in the South Pacific was incredible and we love to share with you the ins and outs of this memorable experience.

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Pictures from paradise


  • Ilse

    Lekker Down Under ‘campen’ ,warm weer, rondtoeren in je eigen waggie….ik ben jaloers!! Je zou me hier eens moeten zien zitten 😀 Ik heb letterlijk de geitenwollen sokken aan en het fleece deken omgedraaid.

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