South America


Unexpectedly we’ve headed to South America after changing our route plans for the hundredth time. After visiting Hawaii we decided to change course because summer a.k.a. high season in the USA didn’t sound too appealing. A good choice, we immediately feel right at home in our first country Colombia… 

Our absolute top of the list destination was next: the Galápagos Islands. Not exactly a budget destination, but with our money saving experience we managed with a reasonably daily budget 😉

From Galápagos we flew back to Quito for an adventure through the mainland of Ecuador ánd our very first experience of volunteering during this worldtrip. It was awesome…

After 3 months in Ecuador it was really really time to continue our travels. We had to get used to moving around again and discovered winter was coming in South America… we waited too long. Therefore after a short but excellent visit to Peru we decided to leave this continent in search of the sun!

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Fotografia del Suramericana

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