Backpack issues

Meanwhile in Arnhem …

We can hardly wait, the travel virus rages through our bloodstream, but unfortunately there is nothing left to do but countdown and patiently wait.

Because we really want to prepare something, anything… we decide to pack our bags, see if everything fits. Big fun!

We happily put all our stuff on the bed to get a good picture of what we have collected. We distribute the electronics and roll all our clothes neatly in a packing cubes. (more about that later)

Then we put everything in our backpack. Or so I try. Arnhem we have a problem, I want to take too much stuff or my backpack is too small backpack. Shit.

My bag is an Osprey Farpoint 40, fantastic thing, but 6 liters smaller than Jos’ pack. 6 milk cartons! That’s a lot.

We critically review my clothing assortment, but it’s already as basic as possible. Ugh, I’m pretty attached to my backpack, but for the next year and a half I always have to roll up my clothes as tightly as possible to make it fit exactly, no, it seems less appealing to me. I need more space…

I want to know that everything that goes with me fits in my backpack easily, including the clothes that I’ll put on when we leave and also my hiking shoes. Sorrowfully I stare at my bag, but it doesn’t make it bigger.

In deep mourning and still completely in denial I browse uninterested on several webshops looking for that perfect bag I already have, but then a bit bigger.

Strangely enough, when I search I always see Jos’ backpack as a result, an Osprey Porter 46.

Hmm, well, great reviews and carry on size. Maybe, just maybe…

Unmotivated I stuff all my gear in Jos’ bag and try it out on my back. After half an hour walking around through the house, some packing and unpacking actions I draw my conclusion: it’s an ugly thing but I’ll take it!

Soon I forget all about the love for my old backpack and scan the web for the best price for my new sweetheart. Since it does not make a difference in price I order it via Osprey itself. For a moment I doubt about the color, a black one is beautiful, but Jos already has one. I can see it now, walking around, as a couple, you know, the same backpack, the same coat, the same thing. Hmmm so… different color. In memory of my old loyal companion, I choose a red one again. Hoodoo Red, it’s called.

The next morning it is already there and immediately tear open the box. WOWSERS quite fierce. Red is… err… RED.

I decide to take it out of the box anyway and as soon as I put all my stuff in it I am already very happy with my new pal. He has a large main compartment and lots of small side pockets. I check myself from all sides in the mirror in full gear, ‘cause yes the eye wants something too 😉

Nice and cheerful.

I’ll keep my stuff packed in my new bag for a while, just for the idea…

66 days left.

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