A passport for free

Checking off something on our list of preparations; Jos has a new passport!

A straight face for the picture and then with a big smile to the town hall. The lady at the desk had questionmarks all over the place, your passport is still valid for one and a half year mister. Oh really?!

It was hardly a dilemma. We don’t want any trouble with a different passport number on our flight booking or visa, so we’ve decided to replace the passport now.

The new passport will be valid for 10 years, so we can continue traveling for a long time. And, because there’ll be many stamps *smirk* we need enough space, so Jos now has a big fat thick business passport just like me with 64 virgin pages for no more than a Euro a piece. Nah, bargain for so much travel pleasure. Imagine all the stamping triggerhappy customs officers who can choose their own spot from of all those pages and wish us an exceptionally good trip. Wishful thinking.

When you buy something new you don’t immediately put it in your drawer unused. We have to do something fantastic with it! Now we can finally book the very first of our worldtrip.

Hopeful we will check the ticket prices again, but everything looks almost the same as three weeks ago, so decide to wait. Why? We are hoping prices will suddenly drop?!

Hmmm, what else can we do with this new item? A-HA! Idea; this valuable document can not leave our side while we travel, so we need to test if our new thick red book fits into our moneybelt.

I find the moneybelt between our old travelgear and what do you know, there is $70 inside from our last trip! Wahaha, free passport in the pocket!

Well, let’s see if this new free passport’s of any use. Money out, passport in, it fits. Zipper closes… just. I think we’ll keep it!

Case closed.

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