He says I DO!

For a long long time I dreamed of it… a new chapter in my life, being free, in search of the big unknown, the two of us. I visualize us on a tropical beach under a couple of palm trees at sunset…

Me and myself, we’ve discussed this idea very often, could I? Should I?

Now, after thorough consideration, I finally popped the question to the love of my life: do you… want to go on a worldtrip with me?

A journey through all continents, all cultures, exciting adventures you can then share with eachother. Creating new memories for the rest of our days, exiting stories for our grandchildren. Great adventures and an occasional trip outside your comfort zone to discover that you are still alive.

Every day a new sunrise somewhere on this globe with the question, what will this day bring us. Back to basic in Africa, cruising through the land down under in our own car, looking for the American dream… while we daydream, critical questions slowly fill our minds, how about our future, when we come back, family, work, our beautiful house… A big dream for many people who eventually never follow through for the obvious reasons.

Are we going to do this? I mean for real? An idiotic thought of course, it seems like we will leave everything we have built up in our lives behind and exchange safety for uncertainty.

But then suddenly the realization kicks in. We are taking so much of what we’ve built up with us our experience, our knowledge… and that that insecurity? That means freedom, being alive!

Jos is quiet. Everything that was said is dancing in his mind. After a life full of stability and walking on the safe side, he says, I know one thing for sure: I’m ready for that big unknown, with you… YES I DO!

214 days to go!

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