14 crucial items for your packinglist

After traveling for over 1.5 years there are a few items we really wouldn’t want to miss. We use these items daily and we recommended them for your packing list.

Also these items could be excellent as a gift for (future) travelers 😉

1. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are our most favorite item. We’ve bought them at Ikea (€ 7.00) and also have half size cubes of ‘Eagle Creek’, with handle. So easy. These are a bit more expensive, about € 15.00 each.

2. Bluetooth speaker box

We have a JBL GO which produces great sound and is easy to fit into your bag because of its square shape. About € 20.00 in sale.

3. Mesh pouch

A mesh or gaze packing cube for all loose stuff like playing cards, plugs and cables. You can instantly see where that thing is you are looking for. Super easy, we wish we had two of them. I bought it at a ‘Euro shop’ for about € 3.00.

4. Sawyer water filter mini

Drinking water from the tap and a river was never easier. You reduce plastic waste by refilling bottles big time ánd you save money. I say win-win! € 35.00

5. Hangable toiletries bag

Sea to Summit hangable toiletries bag size S, fits silicone bottles and has an unbreakable mirror. Many zippers, we love it! € 20.00

6. Safeman lock

A Safeman wire lock, not extremely theft-proof, but definitely better than a regular baggage lock. You can easily tie your backpack to the bed, to each other in the loading area of a bus or close your cabin door with a lock. Very convenient in the strangest places. It’s a bit heavier in weight tho. It’s about 80 centimeters long and you can also tie two together. € 20.00

7. Sea to Summit silk liner

Sea to Summit silk liner with pillow and stretch panels. Sleep like royalty without critters. It’s cool and ripstop. Quite expensive but money well spend. About € 70.00 for last years color.

8. Powerbank

A strong powerbank to juice up everything. Your phone, camera, speaker box and ereader. Buy one of at least 6000 Mah and max 10.000 Mah, for some airlines don’t let you take a higher powered one aboard. Mind the output too, preferably an output of 2 amp or more will charge your phone at normal speed. From about € 40.00 you’ll be able to buy something worth while.

9. Sports underwear

It’s light, dries quickly and lasts longer. For an everyday wash it even dries while traveling from A to B. Probably from about € 20.00

10. Sports towel

Although many hostels offer a towel, there are a lot that don’t… a sports towel is light, it absorbs a lot of fluid and when you wring it it’s already halfway dry.

11. Merino longsleeve

Oh this is a good one! It’s soft, doesn’t itch, light, quick dry and super long lasting. You can wear it on a fresh summer night or underneath another layer for extra insulation. My Super Natural longsleeve was not cheap (about €60 but already lasts four years without any holes and I wear this item almost daily. It doesn’t lose it’s color and keeps it’s shape. Well done!

12. Boc ‘roll picnic cloth

Really fantastic discovery. I got it as a goodbye gift and didn’t expect to use it as much as I do. Check this product here. Cut fruit on your lap, roll in a self made sandwich, fold in your garbage while you’re in the bus. Incredibly easy during hikes, in the train, plane etc… € 15.00

13. Swiss Army knife

I have a Victorinox evolution 10, just a simple pocketknife with a knife, corkscrew, bottle opener and screwdriver. Can be difficult to take in your carry on luggage but after all these months we still have it. I feel like a real McGyver with this 😉

14. Sarong

The sarong, a girls best friend! Useful as to keep you warm or cover your hair or skin, as a dress, a skirt, a picnic blanket, camera wrapper during a flight, a changing room, a towel, a bedsheet, a pillow… whatever you want, your sarong will provide! Buy it thin (but not transparent) and big! Somewhere around € 10.00

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