Money theft: bad things happen…

Unfortunately we’ve ended our travels through Malaysia with another big disappointment. For our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Medan we planned to take our bags with us as carry on luggage, butwhenwegetto the check in they say we can’t so we check in our bags anyway. It all happens so fast, we forget to take out our money we hid in our toiletries bag an hour before… When we arrive in Sumatra we drive to our accommodation and there we discover our money is gone. Our bag is still locked, nothing is damaged but the money we put in our toiletries bag is gone… € 400.00 worth of foreign currencies is stolen from our bag during handling at the airport. We just can’t believe it! And even the old Zimbabwean banknote of 20 billion Dollars from before the micro inflation Igotfor mybrother is gone. I could cry. They must have seen it while scanning our bags. Going through the event over and over again, narrows it down to either the moment right after checking in our bags in KL or just before they got put on the arrival belt. The last case isn’t very obvious though. The longer we think of it the more paranoia we get. Maybe there was someone in the luggage area of the plane… no, they must have seen it on the scan.

We contact Kuala Lumpur airport and Lion Air, but both point to the other the handle the complaint. COMPLAINT?! There is a thief in your airport, someone is abusing your facilities steel from your guests and rudely invade people’s privacy! (yes we are MAD!)

Unfortunately our this story only costs us bad energy and doesn’t yield anything. Our expensive travel insurance doesn’t cover the damage because ‘we should have kept our valuables with us’. Shit, honesty does not pay…

A painful lesson for us and hopefully for anyone who reads this. Never ever ever EVER leave anything of value in your check in luggage.

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